Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3.27.17 - Cajoeiro Seco, Brazil

So let me tell you folks that this week was pretty epic. I have a really hard time in writing everything or being able to describe it all.

One question.....Why is the ocean blue? This morning one of the elders that lives in our house asked this and we spent our time as we got ready trying to debate why the ocean appears blue. It made me think about how yall all have Google at the touch of your fingertips and how we missionaries are left make strange conclusions about the majority of our conversations. I am serious....life is so different without Google!!!! But I think this has been great not being able to make a query in google since summer of 2015 hahaha! But because of this fasting from google, I have really been able to focus so much in the resources that I have as a missionary....

The Bible and Book of Mormon and PRAYER!!

I love being a missionary. I love answering people's questions about how our Heavenly Father works. He exists......and let me tell you a secret.....


I have never had so many life questions answered and with this wisdom that I have gained on my mission up to this point, I know that I will be a much better student, father, husband, and friend.

Other than bringing myself to the reality of internetless life, I have been able to work pretty hard this week with my companion.

This Thursday I taught English to a bunch of youth as an opportunity to serve in the community and also introduce the gospel to the youth. I get super crazy when I teach English. It is so much fun and the youth love it!!

We taught many people this week and found 9 new investigators that are pretty solid. We are gonna try and find 10 this next week through the members and BAPTIZE EVERYONE!!!

We have been working a lot with the organizations of the ward (congregation) and they are putting goals for baptism for every month! I can't wait to be able to teach a ton. I am not gonna end my mission without doing my part!

I have some secret stories to share with yall when I get back that I cannnnnnot share by email but just know that I love my mission!!!!

Atenciosamente (sincerely)

Elder Flake

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