Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

11.14.16 - Coqueiral, Brazil

I entered the Lan house super early today! Sorry about those who didn't get the chance to write!

As an update to yall, I am having so many miracles happen! This Sunday we had some of the Lord's elect and chosen come to Church! I was super happy! We didn't even knock doors a whole lot this week....we just visited many references and we actually found 10 new investigators which is fantastic! The members of the church are helping share the Gospel with others and it is such a blessing!

Everyone asks me if I like my new american president and being a missionary I try to stay neutral about the politics but I can't help feeling like an idiot when people make fun of him! The general population here thinks he is clinically insane!

But other than politics, we have had some powerful lessons.

With Fabianna, who is the wife of a member, we have seen miracles. She has been to church 3 times already and is super close to getting baptized! She is amazing! She was crying this sunday because she felt the spirit so strong! She is a former member of the Assembly of God which is an enormous church here in Pernambuco.

We began teaching a woman named Ariel. She is fantastically intelligent! We taught her and her husband with another couple from the church and the first lesson was very powerful! Her husband was a member when he was young but moved and kinda fell away. Luckily his wife gained curiosity and now we are teaching them!

I won't lie....this has been a dramatic week. For 2 days straight everything went wrong that could go wrong!! Many investigators declined and gave us the boot....some of the most solid of them too! We walked like 5 miles in between our appointements on wednesday and every one was just neglecting the opportunity to change. Fabio went back to drinking as well! After being super extremely exhausted and mentally drowned....we trudged over to the house of a family that we had only taught the first lesson but that had showed a ton of interest! When we opened with prayer they formally told us that they would rather stick to the level they are at and not read or pray about the Book of Mormon. It was heartbreakin! Even though this happens a lot....this moment was the cherry on top of the challenges we have been facing. My companion and I are also under stress about the missionaries in our zone because we are not where we should be in terms of being a missionary. I was sleeping in the house of the Jaboatão elders and there ceiling broke open pouring water all over the bed of who???? ME hahaha! But the end of our week was much better as we found solace in new fresh people who really are looking for the light of the Gospel! Blessed are those that are humble!

I love my mission!!! This church is true!

Elder Flake

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