Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Thursday, March 9, 2017

8.15.16 - Coqueiral, Brazil

WHELP it is Elder Flake here and I am super excited to report that I am now here in the area Coqueral! I have also been assigned zone leader in Jardim São Paulo which makes me super SUPER nervous but mostly excited! I feel so young in the mission and I ask myself how on earth can I lead other missionaries but I know that my faith will help me grow and I will be just fine!!

We got to spend a saturday with President Bigelow and his family and it was such a fun experience! We arrived there and started a gospel discussion with him and the other missionaries that reached the Padrão de Excelência (Standard of excellence!) Super faith inspiring. I need to study more on how I can increase my faith because acting on faith is how we gain pure knowledge and testimony that the power of Christ can bless us! After that we all played some basketball and futbôl (soccer)! Not to mention that the place we played was incredibly fancy!

Also, for our last p-day as a district, we decided to go to a dam and an old catholic church that is at the edge of our area. Sadly, the original plans fell through because we couldn't find a way to get there. We do not have a car and there is no way to get there by bus.....it is just a dirt/clay road super super long that goes densely into the sugar cane fields and junglish area. SOO YEAH. That was when I stepped up with another elder that is going home this week. We left everyone in our house and we went hunting for somebody to take us there. After asking around the city we found a guy that was walking to his old kombi van and I told him, "We wanna do something crazy.." After telling him the conditions of the road I offered him an incredibly low amount of money (10 rais per person) and not expecting a great response he said, "BORA LÁ CARA" which is colloquial for LETS GET OUT THERE DUDE!

......so we went. To sum things up, it was flippen awesome and also we got to make tons of noise inside of that tiny van all together! It was SOOOO FUNN!! We found human bones in the old catholic church and the dam was insanely large! It all was in the middle of nowhere. It took forever to get there but we passed the time cracking jokes and just having fun listening to some Nashville Tribute Band hahaha! We got tons of dust in our eyes and we stopped many times along the way to suck on sugar cane and push the old volkswagon kombi.

But on a spiritual note (this time in Portuguese)

Estou tão feliz com o progresso que estou tendo aqui em Brasil. Estou aprendendo como realmente ser um servo do Senhor e como melhorar minha personalidade. Eu quero crescer pessoalmente para que eu possa ajudar outras pessoas fazer a melhor decisão possível....SER BATIZADO! Eu nunca vou deixar de fazer esse serviço!


Elder Flake

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