Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4.3.17 - Cajoeiro Seco, Brazil

So it turns out that Portuguese has many forms of colloquial speech that remind me of our southern accent. I love trying to speak with the accent here and using their terminology.  OXENTE! VISSE?!

Other than linquistics, Elder Coelho and I have been doing great here in Cajoeiro Seco! I love being able to work here in the Lord's kingdom! On Thursday I taught English again and this time 7 non-members came. It was awesome! We marked a few visits! On Wednesday we did a two-ward activity that my companion and another pair of missionaries planned. IT WAS AWESOME! Elder M. Costa started doing push-ups and for each push-up, we gave one treat to somebody. We ended up giving out over 80. After he almost died from the pain, we explained how the Savior paid the price for EACH ONE of our sins. He did this Individually. He did this Alone! He suffered so that we could be clean!

This weekend, we got to hear words from prophets and leaders of the church. I was able to learn so much about where I came from and how I can return to that glorious place whole, just as the Christ is whole!

I know with certainty that God, our Heavenly Father, really does answer prayers! We had various instances this week in which prayers were answered including help when we were trying to take investigators to church! We fortunately got it all taken care of! We will baptize Max and Emerson these coming weeks and there are more coming for sure!! I can't wait!

I love yall! Tell me about yourselves! I miss ya!

Elder Flake!

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