Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1.16.17 - Coqueiral, Brazil

Chute is not the word you think it is. In fact chute in portuguese has nothing to do with chutes and ladders. A chute means a kick. A kick is a term that we use when we stop teaching an investigator. So basically we have kicked a lot of people this week.

We have been teaching many wonderful people, but unfortunately the nasty has to happen....We have to kick people. It is not a delightful conversation telling somebody that they are not progressing and that we won't teach them anymore. What is even worse is when they kick us!! We were teaching a couple (Risomar and Jandrus) that were interested and very intelligent and also a member reference, but the terrible kick took place haha! Other than them, we have kicked Igor, Danilo, Nayane, Aurelina, Dani, and Julianna.

Wow speaking of kicks, we kicked two people SO HARD! We were teaching these two women who are single moms and we were trying to find out why they didn't want to follow the path of Christ. They basically said that they wanted to choose the partying, the alcohol, and the other bad stuff over God. Well as we were concluding the message I felt this fire in my stomach (which was not only from the huge almoço (lunch) where I had eaten chicken feet). I looked straight in their eyes and spiritually reprehended them. It was probably the strongest I have ever spoke to someone in my life. I told them basically the consequences for their actions, how their choices are leading them to even more of broken families and ruined lives and also how there is no middle ground that we stand on. We are walking with Christ or we are turning our back on him. We can't serve two masters. I spoke how they could easily go off and spend an hour, two hours, a whole night doing these things but the same feeling would always come back to them: Emptiness. Wickedness was never happiness!

I can't describe it but yes in the end my companion was looking at me and also the member that was accompanying us as if I was on fire. But when we left they were pretty impressed because I had never done something like that. I don't regret anything I said. It was what these women needed to hear! We don't play patty cake with the gospel of christ. And if you conciously choose to ignore Him, as these two were very concious, you need to get toasted. Christ was the perfect example of love because he knew how to correct. I want to be able to correct shaprly when needed. I think I am too soft with people sometimes.

But yes that was basically my week! Other than these chutes, we also had some miracles! We taught a young couple with three other couples from the church. They are a member reference and we boldy testified of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. Hopefully they have spritual experiences and accept the true gospel! It was a very powerful moment in my mission. So I guess to sum it up, I was able to be bold in two ways this week!

I love yall!

E Flake

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