Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1.30.17 - Coqueiral, Brazil

I got another chance to stay another transfer which means I could stay in this area for over 7 months! That is a heck of a long time but I am stoked.

Everybody was sad that our dynamic duo got split. Elder Frutuoso and I were quite the pair. The members say that we are unforgettable as a companionship!

Funny experience this week. Remember that email where I was saying how much I had progressed? Forget what I said about the language. Kidding but I still make some pretty embarrasing mistakes.

The words bury and dig are pretty similar in portuguese. Desenterrar is dig and enterrar is bury. Basically there was an older man that we had done much service to remove his plants from his street drain thingy. We had to dig a ton to be able to help out. We passed by his house the other day and he started telling us how his wife was sick and was hopitalized for two days. With this sadness in the air I tried to say something comforting and I mixed up the bury and dig and said to him "Whenever you need, we can bury her."


Pretty hard to recover after that one!

I was trying to say "Whenever you need, we can dig her (her being the rest of the trench)"!

Super embarassing and I sure hope that poor old woman lives. (I think she'll be okay)

I love yall! Email me!

Elder Flake

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