Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

11.29.16 - Coqueiral, Brazil

I totally forgot that Thanksgiving happened! They don't celebrate it so much here so I knew nothin!!

This week was pretty much incredible! I had an interview with President Bigelow and basically that just means we conversed about my life and my state in the mission. It was fantastic! He is so helpful!

Also....our ward is going NUTS! I am serious! It is an organized chaos with these new ward missionaries. We have 15 new people that are serving (not full time like us) to be able to find new people to teach. We missionaries with the bishopbric organized training to help them . HUGE SHOUTOUT to Brother Davi. He is going blind because of diabetes yet he never ceases to help us in this cause. He served a mission long ago and knows how to work.

Fabiana will be baptized here on the 10th which will be amazing!!

I was concerned about not having so many results in this area but looking back on what Elder Frutuoso and I have been able to do together with the ward, God has worked his miracles. We have a group of people to teach that is based off of member references. Such a blessing!! Knocking doors has little result compared to what the members can do!

We are also teaching a couple that is super cool! Paulo and Luciana! They read the scriptures ever time we give them a passage to read and are pretty excited! Once they get married, they will be in the baptismal waters!!

I love my area!! I feel like for those of you that know me you would get a kick out of the way members talk about me. I didn't change as far as the strangeness goes. I do the unexplainable things here that I would do at home. I just am not using a tiny backpack or wearing hideous camueflage pants like the good old high school days....Looking back, I was a pretty unexplainable person in general that nobody knew what I would do from one day to the next. But there was one thing that everyone knew I would do....and that was serve a mission. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I look forward to the day I reunite with yall as a better and changed man!! ALSO SHOUTOUT TO MY NEW STEPFAMILY!!! Congratsss!!! I am looking forward to Christmas to talk to yall over email!

tchau! ate mais!


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