Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

11.9.16 - Coqueiral, Brazil

So today is actually my p-day because we are going to the temple with our entire zone! But Wow! I must say that this past week has been pretty eventful! There is a holiday here caled the day of the dead in which everyone goes to the cemitary to honor those fallen. Our stake (group of mormon congregations) and us leaders planned an activity to help spread the gospel and help others know God´s true plan of happiness. Most people here have a Christian background and have somewhat of a vague idea what the afterlife would be but here in the Church of Jesus Christ we have something very special known as the plan of salvation. It is God's plan for his children! We shared this with all those entering the large cemitary! There were missionaries and church members in many different cemitaries across the state! It was amazing! My group got put on the news here in Brazil! It was super incredible!

I went on splits which means my companion left the area for a day and I stayed with another missionary to help train in his leadership role. It was fantastic with Elder Pereira! We found some good solid people to teach and even scheduled a baptism of Sebastion on the 20th!

Another good note!!! We are teaching a man that is a less-active mormon who is married to Fabiana! We started teaching her and she didn't have too much interest but than she got curious and went to church and let us teach her and now is is set to be baptized! She was probably one of the (at least I thought) least likely that we were teaching that would make the decision! I am so happy!

A man stopped us two days ago and asked if he could read the bible....so he subsequently took out his bible and started reading the scriptures and then all of the sudden.......he started saying shadadadhee shethied shadad daie! (You have to here me imitating it...its super funny) He would read a couple words from the bible and then keep saying these weird phrases and stuff. It was even wierder because he was a normal person and wasn't like drunk or something of the like......So I stopped him midsentance and said "Hey Man I don't even know what you are saying!" He stopped abrubtly and gave the most hurt look. We had this awkward silence hit us as I stared at him with a flat smile. There were no more words said and we just walked away from eachother. It was so funny. I think he was speaking in strange tongues.

But yes I love yall much! Much time has past since I have seen your faces but I hope all is well!!!

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