Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1.9.17 - Coqueiral, Brazil

This week blew by super quick! I think the fact that we are going to bed a tad earlier is what made time fly so quickly!

We have been teaching some great people lately! Fabiana, who we baptized last month, is progressing so rapidly! Other people we are teaching that are progressing are Paulo and Luciana! They came to church on sunday and are pretty excited! They plan on getting married in the church which will be super awesome! Sebastião is another we will baptize shortly! His life is literally changing for the better. He reminds me of the old man from UP. He even looks identical and has a very similar story! He is becoming a happier person in general knowing God's plan!

On Friday I interviewed somebody in the middle of a city super far away. Fanti was his name. He is italian and does not speak portuguese. I prayed before the interview to be able to understand him and it was amazing hearing his story and testimony. I UNDERSTOOD HIM! His wife normally translates for him but he had to do the interview one on one with me. Italian will be on my bucket list to actually learn!

But yes....this week I have been overloaded with many many meetings! None of which unproductive.

Mission counsel: Where all the leaders get together to receive revelation and discuss the progress of the mission

District Leader Training: My companion and I met with the district leaders in our zone to be able to discuss our new plans on baptisms for the month. I GET INSANE IN THESE MEETINGS BECAUSE I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Ward missionary meeting: Members from the congrations get together with us missionaries and discuss their missionary efforts and go over their assignments. Our ward has tons of ward missionaries. I feel so supported!

Other than this, my companion and I hiked a small mountain thing this morning and I felt like an outdoorsman again (even though I am always outdoors)

But yes family and friends....I LOVE YALL

Elder Flake

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