Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1.2.17 - Coqueiral, Brazil

So yes it was a new year. Pretty fantastic being in Brazil during this time. I must say that I was not used to not having to wear thick coats and such! They celebrate the new year here with many MANY fireworks. And not always the normal pretty colored ones you may be used too. Many are homemade and I am pretty sure they were getting launched in all random directions and whatnot. I believe our house got hit by fireworks many times IT WAS INSANE. People were lighting them like bombs. What luck that the houses here are made out of cement because in the USA the police would be goin nuts at all the fire hazard and wooden houses.

We were also able to baptize on the first day of the year 2017. Elaine is truly special and she has such a bright personality that truly makes here a great follower of Jesus Christ.

I had some great reflection over the past year in respect to what I have become. I have had so many experiences in the year of 2016, but my reflection as I laid in my bed at 12:00 on the first of January listening to all the fireworks was more about the things I have gained this year.

-I have a new understanding of the Savior´s atonement

-I am more focused and I pay attention better

-I know how to communicate better to God´s children (EVERYBODY AM I RIGHT!?!)

-I learned Portuguese fluently

-I have gained many leadership abilities

-I am less egoistic and more empathetic....able to think less about me.

-MOST OF ALL. I have learned what motivates me to be the person I am. More explanation on my end is needed to explain this. One day I will get back and tell you all about it.

These are just a couple of things the Lord has blessed me with in 2016 and I have many goals this next year. This is the year that I return to the United States. I better increase my rate of growth so that I can be an instrument in God´s hands in my home country!!!!

What a blessing it is being a member of the Lord´s church and working on his errand. I could not ever file a complaint to my boss or have motivation to resign. This is His work and I do it His way. The book is blue and the church is true my friends! Happy new year!

Elder Flake

ps I get back August 22nd. I found out this week!

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