Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

10.17.16 - Coqueiral, Brazil

Autumn, as it is called, is in fact non-existent. I repeat.....your joyful summer that leads into the infernal pit of the months of winter does not even occur in this part of town Brazil. SO I am enjoying 2 years of straight up summer in the face. I have gotten some cute pictures of people playin in the leaves and stuff and I must ask is cold even a thing still?

So yep, this past week, we taught A TON! It was a good week as far as the visits and the new people to teach! Our ward is getting stoked and I as well am prettty fired up! It has been a while since we have baptized here but THEY ARE COMING. I REPEAT, THE BAPTISMS ARE IN STORE.

I am so terrible at emailing these days. The days pass by and I sometimes have trouble remembering the interesting things that happen......All I know is that our house is almost out of water. There is a huge tank that holds the water from the street pipes because those flippen street pipes don't even have water at all times. There is a lack of water and so that means a lack of hygiene. Sorry Mother!

Also, Zeka, a recent convert pulled a dead monkey out of his water tank. It happens......

Well anywho, I love yall! Keep me posted!

Elder Flakey!

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