Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

10.31.16 - Coqueiral, Brazil

This week was pretty much awesome!!

I went to the Caveleiro area to be able to work with Elder Cezar who is the leader of other missionaries. We go on these "splits" to be able to make the work move better! It is always good to be able to work with other missionaries even if it just for a day! I learned a lot from him as I hope he did from me!

Other than that, we found 6 new investigators BUT solid investigators. We are teaching 4 couples! 5 if you include Marivaldo that we want to try and get him married legally.

We had a ward activity were we served popcorn and watched a film about John Tanner. The spirit was so strong as we watched the film and there were plenty of potential investigators there. The members are pretty pumped! They liked the activity a whole lot!

Other than that, we have been teaching some solid people! We are hoping to get these people baptized pretty soon! It has been almost 2 months since I last entered the water with somebody which has gotta change!! I am being so blessed here in this area though!

I love yall!

I have been studying quite a bit this week about the plan of salvation and how the second coming of Christ will happen! Study up on your scriptures and be the best person you can be so that you don't get burnt alive!

(that was a semi joke)

Love yall!

Elder Flake

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