Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

12.26.16 - Coqueiral, Brazil

So wow has this week been a flood of emotions! Christmas in Brazil, I must say, is quite different! I am pretty used to it now this being my second one already! Boy how time flies!

SO we are working with some people and helping them towards baptism of course, but this week is somewhat difficult because many people are traveling or don't have time for Jesus, (which is kind of ironic am I RIGHT!) We have worked very persistently though. We knock many doors (or in other words clap our hands). We have many family activities with the members and those who are not yet members. It is great!

So there is a tradition here in which every Christmas eve, we eat a huge HUGE christmas dinner. But everyone eats like really late! Us having curfew were not able to eat with anybody so we kind of just walked home hungry and lost in our thoughts. But some members came by car and gave us an ENORMOUS dinner! It was crazy! I was so grateful and felt so loved. They also gave us a huge bag full of chocolates and some presents. They are so giving and loving here. I hope to take upon myself these attributes and be generous like them!

It was a great Christmas. Unlike the old Josh before the mission, I was not goofing off going nuts with my family and friends......I was working! I was so glad to have a few minutes to talk to my mom and my Dad with his new wife and children. What blessings are being poured upon my family!

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