Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Friday, March 25, 2016

12.28.15 - Jardim Atlantico, Brazil

Yes Natal was fantastic. Grateful to talk to the fam and eat some good food....but most importantly feel close to our savior of course! Even being incredibly far from home...in complete different culture with a completeley different way of celebrating...I felt so close to the things that really matter!

I also saw an enormous frog....Like it could have eaten me...

ANYWAYS This week was great! A little slow because of the lack of finding people to teach....but great....AND WARM hahaha. I am used to the heat now. Honestly it feels to me as if it is 70 degrees all the time. We were sitting in the Bishops office and he had on his air conditioning and I thought I was going to die. I hadn't felt air conditioning in a very long long time hahahaha!

We had a Mission Conferance for Christmas and I prayed beforehand that I would understand the devotionals and speakers....and I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING. It was a tender mercy and yeah, my portuguese is terrible sometimes....but with God's power....I am being blessed. 

We taught a lesson to Roberto....a recent convert....and I invited him to prepare to serve a mission! He was so excited and the spirit was so strong. And my portuguese wasn't a barrier at all. 

As far as other things go...we got christmas packages from family, the members here, and also from other places in the world...so that was neat. We have so much food in our apartment...it could feed an army


Anyways, I hope that yall have happy holidays! I can feel the prayers sent my direction! 

Love Elder Flake

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