Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Friday, March 25, 2016

11.23.15 - Jardim Atlantico, Brazil

I am freezing. Just kidding. That was sarcasm....but I think my body is accustomed now to the heat a tad more. I can sleep with a sheet over me now comfortably haha!

This is such a great place! It surely is very blessed!

So updates on me here....We are teaching a lot of people....and I am at the point in this language that I can actually know peoples names.....SMALL STEPS PEOPLE

Funny story...Elder Mello, an Assistant to the Mission President (basically the prodigal son of the mission) went on an exchange with me and my companion. We got on the onibus to go back to our area after a training in the city and Elder Mellow asked me..."How confident are you with speaking to people?" I told him honestly, that in my own language...I could speak to anyone...but in Portuguese...I still need a little work....He said, "Well I could help you with this." So he stood up and faced the overloaded Bus and shouted"Elder Flake here is a missionary in your city Jardim Atlantico. He is a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he has some things to say that will help you and your families."

....oh dangit

So I stood up and said I DONT SPEAK PORTGUESE....But I know that we have a message to share with you about the gospel! I am here learning this language to speak with all of you...with the whole world that TODAY we have a LIVING prophet! 

I proceeded to say a few more things as well as my companion...and then many people asked us questions. It was great because we got tons of addresses of people that we are going to visit! 

Other than this...I learned how to make a pretty fantastic smoothie. 

The work here is great. We have plenty of people to teach. My companion shares a lot in common...one of these things being our desire to serve with the Power of God!

people also go nuts here over soccer. Santa Cruz...a team here in Recife...got moved up a league in soccer and people were getting drunk or running around or honking their horns....There were also fireworks...WHERE DID THE FIREWORKS COME FROM!?!?

Yes..I have a lot of stories I can't include in here for the sake of boring all of you plus my fingers would die if I tried to type them all BUT just know that all is well here

I love Yall!! Happy Holidays!

Elder Flake

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