Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Friday, March 25, 2016

12.14.15 - Jardim Atlantico, Brazil

SO it was transfer week and luckily I will be staying right here in Jardim Atlantico! I have an immense love for this place I will not lie. And I finally can talk to people without getting flustered. I remember my first week I couldn't even tell who was members of the church and who was people learning about it.....pretty sad. But now, I am being so blessed to be able to communicate effectively!

As far as Natal goes (Christmas) There is not a whole lot of Christmas sprit! This place is filled with happiness, but it isn't like America by any stretch! Where is Santa! Who killed Santa! The members are great though. They have spirit. During a ward Christmas party, one of the members came in with blue silk pajamas and a blue sleeping hat (as close to santa as he could get) and yelled HO HO HO! And the children went nuts.

...and I was right along there with them...it was almost as if I was buddy the elf and I heard that santa was coming to the mall! I freaked out just a little bit and forgot to speak portuguese for a little bit. Got a few funny looks from the people. 

Anyways, we are sure walking a lot. I calculated the other day...we walked over 15 miles. It was insane. We get days like that, especially when people cancel on us. But, on the brightside, these days always turn out to be learning experiences. It is like the young man in Matthew that basically said, I am keeping the commandments, I am walking in thy (Jesus's) ways.....but what lack I yet?? 

 I am learning quite a bit as I do this work. I am learning the scriptures. I am gathering the children of Isreal and preparing them to meet Heavenly Father. I am learning how to commuicate to the hearts of men....and Portugues......

In truth, I am learning so many things that I couldn't include in here.

Anyways! This time of year is wonderful! Stay warm people of America! Don't get a cold. Down here if you get a cold, the people think that you cant drink cold water. Pretty hilarious. 

Feliz Natal
Elder Flake

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