Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Friday, March 25, 2016

12.21.15 - Jardim Atlantico, Brazil

What did you drink when you were born? The subject of my email today. Something my companion mentioned to me today because of my insanity. Yes I haven't lost that I promise. 

Anyways, Elder Chelemberg was sick with Zica which is a sickness of the mosquito. I had the same thing the other week and it is pretty nasty and unpleasant. So I cleaned the apartment and also studied for two days straight. I really got some good insights and revelations if you would like to call it that. 

But I went on a split with Elder Villamar...the District leader....and we ran a couple kilometers home in the pouring rain...That was crazy! It was raining so hard! We also have so many ants in our apartment...but we got a bug zapper from a member and so I feel like christmas came a couple days early. The battery doesn't last but 1 minute after a 4 hour charge....but I sure enjoy myself in that one minute.....It literally makes all the bugs I touch explode....quite interesting to say the least. 

Also....Christmas is amazing! I have gotten into the Christmas spirit as I have been studying about our savior this month. Remarkable what he did. This is a very hard challenge that I have taken upon myself...being on a mission is not easy...But I know that through the power of the Savior, these challenges we face are toppled and we come out stronger. As heart breaking as it is when someone denies your message...the comfort and joy when someone is baptized rids all the feelings of sadness from the choices of others.

Merry Christmas folks. Feliz Natal. Look forward to talking with the family on Christmas day for a few minutes! 

Elder Flake

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