Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Friday, March 25, 2016

11.16.15 - Jardim Atlantico, Brazil

So although I have only emailed once so far since I have been here which makes it very hard to express the thousands of things that have happenned in almost 3.5 weeks of my Brazil Missionary Experience!

Anyways, Elder Chelemberg and I have seen a few people change their lives and enter the baptismal font...which has been beautiful! 

The language is insanely difficult. The scriptures speak about the gift of tongues....and sometimes people get a little confused about this one....They think that it involves talking to God by babbling nonesense and stuff. The gift of tongues is a spiritual gift that Heavenly Father has given us to learn how to speak to the hearts of his children. We ate lunch with a family and I had aboslutely no clue what anybody was saying and it frazzled me even more when people continued to talk to me as if I knew their language!! It was incredibly painful.....yes painful! My head was literally fried to pieces on the inside! So...That night I prayed with more power to be able to learn this language....and believe it or not...the next day I understood ten times more. It was literally a night and day difference. Of course, I am in no way fluent, but I can understand over half the things people say to me which is amazing considering I have only been down here for a couple weeks! Heavenly Father really is amazing and this was a testimony to me that I am definitely carrying a message with me God wants people to know about! 

Anyways, Brazil is beautiful and the people I have encountered are crazy but way fun! I am right next to the ocean, and it is gorgeous. I have mentioned how hot it is down here, but when sun goes down....the wind from the ocean feels so incredible! I love it here! I am still getting eaten alive..but it isn't so bad now!

I am feel so separated from the world...especially because of the language...but it is getting better! It is such a crazy experience!

I love yall!

Elder Flake

ps the buses down here are insane. They seat like 30 people yet we stuff like 96 and it drives like the night bus in harry potter. People are literally flying around the bus...it is hilarious yet extremely dangerous and scary

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