Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Monday, July 3, 2017

6.5.17 - Cajoeiro Seco, Brazil

SO basically there has been so so so so much rain that many cities in our mission have been flooding. Our area as well flooded sooo much. I am glad that we are in a high building though. 

This last Wednesday, my zone leader and I were planning a special exchange in which we both would go to Jardim Coqueiral to help the pair in their work. It kept raining and raining and raining that we almost cancelled the exchange. But.....to be diligent, we decided to go. We are also pretty insane because this is the only area in the mission that all the roads (except one) are dirt.....MUD. 


Luckily the Elders that live their were given permission to use boots. I went there with shoes and slopped my way on over to many people's houses with Elder Menezes. It was a neat experience. We also found some miracle people to teach. I know that the Lord blesses us when we are diligent!! 

Other than that....this week has been pretty hard. Other than the rain, many investigators gave us the red light and some others gave us the yellow light. I can't help remembering the infant words of my older brother as he said that 

"Green means go....Red means stop.........and Yellow means go really really fast"

So with those that give us the yellow light and don't fulfill the things that Heavenly Father asks....like read and pray about the message, we push them a little harder. They can't waste their time and more importantly cannot waste the Lord's time. We tried to get Junior to church for example, but he was too drunk as a skunk to get up.....so be told him "Hey bud.....this is not what the Lord wants from you. This is the second time!!!" So we said goodbye sonny......we have more people to take to church!!!!

Other than that, we have some good solid investigators. I am hoping to update yall on them next week!!

Have a happy week my friends!!

Elder Flake

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