Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Saturday, June 11, 2016

5.4.15 - São Lorenço, Brazil

So we are starting to do a new activity with the members of the Church here. It is called Whatssappador. That doesn't make sense to any of you so let me explain:

It is a mixture of two words. Whatssapp and pesquisador (investigator of religion). Everyone here talks on the cell phone with Whatssapp so we decided to work with the members in integrating the people that we are teaching by passing along whatssapp of the people we teach. The members of the ward have to say specific things to help strengthen our pesquisadores (investigators). I am super stoked as well as the ward!!!

This week was stressful but rewarding. One guy that I never thought would cry balled during a lesson. I love Francinaldo! We will make pancakes with him these coming weeks!

Anyways, here is a pretty random pic. When it gets dark here....it gets dark. This is not just darkness....this is advanced darkness (Spongebob reference)

I love my mission. I when I accepted the call to serve here I put everything on the table. EVERYTHING. I am trying hard everyday to be really focused. I can't have one foot in Tennessee and one in Brazil unfortunately. I am here right now so I will bust my hiney and work.

Love yall! Boa semana!

Elder Flake

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