Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Saturday, June 11, 2016

5.23.16 - São Lorenço, Brazil

So today marks the start of a new tranfer which is 6 weeks of missionary work. My companion Elder Brabo and I did not get tranferred which is awesome! We have a ton of work to do in São Lourenço!

This week, some miracles happenned! I talked last week about the Cunha family and Mauro's family.....and here is the result.....


I was so happy to see these families in church again. We were also blessed in other ways because we had 5 investigators (people that are learning about the Gospel) that also came! It was a very happy

**My companion just leaned over to me after he read our Mission News and said that we can now wear sunglasses and hats SO YES MY FRIENDS!!! NO MORE GETTING TOASTED FOR THIS AMERICAN!!

As far as other things go in respects to Brazil....I am absolutely loving it! I am still getting so much heavenly help to be able to speak this language as my fluency is still not at the level I want (I want to be a native speaker)

But anyways...it was nice because the 10 people we invited to Church....ALL CAME!

I am so blessed on this mission! Hard work brings blessings for sure!!

I also forgot to mention that I got sick this week and stayed inside for a couple days which was terrible....but after a couple IV's in the hospital and some med's, we hit the streets and got a lot done. I am still not quite sure what I had but I think it was some random virus because my neck swelled up.

On that note.....Tchau! Ate o próximo!

Elder Flake

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