Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Monday, July 25, 2016

7.11.16 - São Lorenço, Brazil

So this week was pretty difficult at the start. I was pretty darn sick but through much prayers by others and medical help, I was able to overcome the afflictions!! I stayed in bed for a few days and wasn't able to work but I did read a lot when I was awake to do so. Still not sure what I had and even after a 9 hour visit to the hospital, they were not completely sure, but the IV's they gave me and the infection medicine was able to help alongside the Priesthood Blessing that Elder Forbush gave to me.

Even though I was pretty sick, we were able to baptize Miguel and also mark a few others to baptism. After a long conversation with Miguel Panta, in which he explained his numerous dounts as to the validity of having a modern day prophet, he explained that he was ready to change his life and do so alongside his son Maximus. He is such a great man and also a man of the military and various organizations of intelligence. He has the most interesting past life (and present still)  We were able to take away his doubts about the church though the Spirit that helped us say what we needed to say and also the words found in the scriptures (Book of Mormon and Bible). Whoever baptizes him is gonna have to be very strong because he is an enormous person haha! He told me not to worry. He was a military combat diver as well hahaha. He has the grandest personality too

I hope everyone has a happy summer and BDAY SHOUTOUT TO MY BIG SIS CRYSTAL FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT GIRL!!

If those of you did not know, I come from the greatest family in the world and it is this influence that is giving me so much strength and help as I serve others. I come from a family of hard workers and returned missionaries that did the same thing that I am doing right now. How wonderful it is to follow in their footsteps!

Tenha uma semana cheia de amor meu povo!!

Elder Flake

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