Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 7 - Miami, Arizona

So let me start off by saying that being in the field is amazing.

Once I flew in, I was day trained by Elder Stowell, and he showed me around Mesa and we contacted a few people that are getting baptized soon. It was also raining...which is a rarity in the desert...but the sunset was unbelievable...and the rain was immensely powerful! 

The next day was transfer meeting. President Jensen is my mission president, and he is spectacular. At a transfer meeting, you find out who your new companions are....and I have two! Elder Riding and Elder West. We all have unique names I guess ha!

But we were driving out to the area that we were assigned (there are about 60 different areas in this mission), and it is located in Miami...which is an hour and a half outside of Mesa....and it is literally what you would say, "In middle of nowhere." 

Don't believe me...THIS PLACE IS INSANE..but awesome

Miami Arizona is named after the mine that came and established it...Now it still is a mining town...but the mine is a lot smaller than before....But I guess you could say that this place is rough...To paint an adequate picture...Imagine a place up in the deserty, dusty mountains where there are 85% gravel and dirt roads...and stray cats are rampant....now imagine this combined with the vast assortment of drug addicts and other such things. The houses are about 100 years old...and very dilapidated. Half the people in the town not living in a house, live in shacks or very old musty trailers. There are maybe 5 exceptions...but....This place is crazy!  I will make sure to include pictures...

But honestly there are so much that goes on that I cannot include in these emails...But at least I keep a daily journal! 

Anyways...As far as the gospel growth out here....it is wonderful. Even though I have been here in this place just for a couple days...I have fallen in love! I have been able to teach people about the restored gospel. I have seen miracles. Literally miracles. I know that God lives. I had the chance to invite someone to be baptized and how reassuring and comforting to see them willingly accept. This gospel changes lives...and this town needs it. They need something to help carry them through their rough lives and really need help. I have met some of the kindest people....The power of God is mighty...and I am so weak...but I have a job to carry the word to these people!

and I have also met some of the wierdest.. I will make sure to explain about that too when I send my photos...(which will be quite a few)

Anyways I love yall!

Love Elder Flake

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