Elder Joshua Flake

Elder Joshua Flake

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 6 - Provo MTC: Semana seis... Finalmente

So this has been a fantastic week! I am so grateful for everything I have learned here in the MTC!

So I guess the secret is out that I am actually going to the Mesa, Arizona mission for a little while until I get my Visa! I couldn't be more excited! 

For one, teaching in English is such a blessing and a lot better than I thought it could be! I have only done it twice since I have been here....but hopefully I can express myself in English again! 

Segundo reason... MY SIBLINGS CRYSTAL AND JASON SERVED THERE. So if anything, I am so grateful for the chance to do what they have done! A lot of people told me I would go there, but I actually got called to Brazil....BUT SIKE they sent my papers back to the prophets and now I am going to go to Arizona.

It was bittersweet parting with Elder Crabtree and Elder Wyatt. Those two are definitely some stellar individuals! 

So guess what...I LEFT THE MTC and it was INSANE. I went to go get some sleeping medicine with my companion so a security guard drove us to the store. I passed by Jason's place as well as James's. hahaha I don't know if they heard me screaming out the window! It was weird going into the store and seeing Halloween stuff out! I went in here when it was like summer. It's cold now! hahaha jeepers has time passed!

I am looking forward to being able to share the gospel forreal...gosh I have learned so much! 

Other then the monstrosity of leaving the MTC, I did also made another monstrosity....another language mistake...bigger then my last one....

So we we started teaching over skype and teaching people from other countries that speak Portuguese...and Elder Crabtree and I skyped Sylvia and she was really cool! Our message was about prayer. Prayer is something super awesome, we told her that it is not just a petition to Heavenly Father when we need something....it is an act of alignment between us and him. We align our will with the blessings that he already has promised us. We are alignment our plans to his Great Plan. We asked her, "Why do you pray in the name of Jesus Christ?" 

After some thought, she said, "I don't know. Because we are honoring him?"

And I said in a way yes! We are honoring him, but often times we all pray in the name of Christ and skip over why. I told her that when we pray in the name of Christ, our thoughts are Christ's thoughts. Our words are Christ's words! When we say this prayer, we are trying to pray to Heavenly Father as Christ would pray to his Heavenly Father. We are trying to see God's children as Christ would see God's children. We do this because He is a perfect example, and if our mind is like Christ, we grow closer to Heavenly Father. 

NOW the verb in portguese "to focus" is focar and the verb "to hang" enforcar.....so at the end of this beautifulish message I asked her something quite different than, "can you focus on the name of jesus Christ in prayer?"

I said, "Sylvia, can you hang yourself in the name of Jesus Christ?"

yeah that was bad....

Anyways to sum the rest of this week up:
I sang a piano duet in church
I got to see some very influential people give some devotionals
I directed traffic in pouring rain (and in midst of mothers whose eyes were pouring as well) 
I traded for a bowling ball tie...super awesome
I came closer to Christ

Anyways, talk to ya next time....'cept next time I'll be in the State of the Saguaro Cactus Arizona

Love Elder Flake

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